Know the Rate!
The quality of CPR and rate of compressions during cardiac arrest dramatically affect survival
to hospital discharge. American Heart Association Guidelines (2010) recommend at least 100
chest compressions per minute, but studies show approximately 50% of healthcare providers
do not compress at the correct rate.

Studies1 show that the ResQPOD® ITD, when combined with high quality CPR
and compression rates of 100/minute, can improve survival rates by 25% or more!
To help you achieve the high quality CPR that supports better outcomes, we’ve introduced
the ResQTIMER™, a training aid that flashes at a rate of 100/minute to help train rescuers
to get the compression rate right.


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1 Idris et al. Circulation 2012;AHA ReSS abstract #LBRS-352.

The generally cleared indication for the ResQPOD available for sale in the United States (US) is for a temporary increase in blood circulation during emergency care, hospital, clinic and home use. The version of the ResQPOD used in the ROC PRIMED Study is not yet approved for sale in the United States. Research is ongoing in the US to evaluate the long-term benefit of the ResQPOD for indications related to patients suffering from cardiac arrest. The studies listed here are not intended to imply specific outcomes-based claims not yet cleared by the US FDA.